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WEEP [Waterton Environmental Pavillion] | 2012

The pavilion, located in Waterton Canyon, serves as an outdoor classroom for environmental groups involved in Bird Banding, Pond Ecology and Wildlife Habitat.

The structure is a pragmatic response to the various constraints of the site. The tilted columns were conceived to triangulate the lateral loads associated with a structure that, by floodplain regulations, were not allowed to have walls. Off the backside of the structure a small cantilever celebrates the release of captured birds back to nature. The roof drains to a central skylight (fondly referred to as the squoculus) to capture rainwater and filter it through vegetation, soil, and rock before returning it to the floodplain.

Rick Sommerfeld 

Structural Engineer:
Julian Lineham, PE, SECB, MICE, CEng
Lee Maggert
Studio NYL Structural Engineers


Civil Engineer:
Chris S. Strawn
Jansen Strawn Consulting Engineers, INC


Geotechnical Engineer:
Scott Myers, PE

Josh Hawkins
Zach Hawkins

David Neighbour
Metro Mix, LLC.

Roof framing: 
Tim DeVos
Cemco Denver

Steel Fabrication
Greg and BJ Titchenal
Coalesce Design and Fabrication

Jamie Fredericks
Fowler and Peth

Concrete Finishing
Pat Thomas
Toma Construction

Landscape Supply
Alameda Wholesale


Caitlin Blythe
Nicole Bruechner
Michael Bucher
Nicole Davis
Carrie Hadley
Katherine Hawkins
Christopher Johnston
Robert Kiester
Will Koning
Milen Milev
Rachel Mott
Will Murray
Gerald Reynolds
JD Signom
Astrid Vander